Your mental health companion

Suvnas is an app designed to help you deal with negative thoughts, promote positive thinking and analyse your dreams. It is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and uses artificial intelligence to support you in thinking more positively.

Challenge your negative thoughts 🧐

Using our CBT thought tool you can look at your thought objectively and break it down step by step to see if it holds any basis in reality. Once you've analyzed the thought yourself, our AI will support you in alternative ways of looking at the situation.

Practice positive thinking 🙂

Build a habit of thinking positively! Just one positive thought a day can change your mood dramatically. Suvnas will send you a notification to complete a positive thought exercise each day. Keep up your streak and notice the difference in your life. Our AI chat will encourage you along the way after each completed excercise, and make suggestions about other ways to think positively.

Transform your thinking with AI 🤖

After each exercise our AI assistant offers support and guidance. For negative thoughts, it helps you challenge and reframe how you're thinking. For positive thoughts, it encourages you and offers suggestions for other ways to think positively. The AI also helps with working out symbolism behind your dreams, and offers suggestions on insights that can be gained from the dream.

Chat seamlessly with highly accurate voice to text 🎙

We use highly accurate AI voice to text models, so if you feel like having a long winded rant about something you can just speak into the app and it will be transcribed for you. This is useful when you have a lot of thoughts and feelings to get out, and don't want to spend time typing.

Analyze your dreams 😴

Record your dreams and analyze them with our dream analysis tool. Our AI will offer ways of thinking about your dreams, and help uncover the symbolism behind them. The more you analyze your dreams the more dreams you will receive with clearer meaning. This can be useful for gaining insight into your subconscious mind. And things that you may need to change in your life.

Available on iOS and Android.